Smith Consulting: Angela Garrod

Over 30 years in a range of contexts, I have applied my creative and organisational skills to a variety of projects and challenges with excellent results.  I'm reliable, resilient, and big on detail.

In the not-for-profit arena, I continue to deliver successful projects for membership organisations looking to review their communications and governance.  I'm also supporting private sector clients who want to showcase their work via clear and insightful content, both on and offline.

A member myself

I ‘belong’ to a diverse set of communities which inform my membership experience and communications work.  Some of these are:

IDM Fellow

RSA Fellow

PARN Lay Member

NHS Confederation Member

JDRF Supporter and Volunteer Speaker

Art Fund Member

Nicola Emmerson
Director of Membership and
Professional Affairs,
Royal Statistical Society

It has been great to work with you on this project and thank you again for your support and advice. We have really welcomed your input, particularly on the rolling renewals implementation and your ability to streamline existing processes... We would not have been able to deliver this work in the time frame without you so are hugely appreciative of all you have done for the team.

Jenni Parker.jpeg
Jenni Parker
Founder and Director,

Angela is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s focused, diligent and thoughtful in her approach, and able to pick up and work swiftly and effectively on a loose brief - ideal for a busy business owner looking for support. The quality of Angela’s writing is second to none and she is always able to offer added value on projects, going above and beyond to suggest improvements and refinements. I highly recommend Angela!

Dr Mark Atlay PFHEA
National Teaching Fellow
and Past Chair of SEEC

Angela has a wealth of membership services experience in a variety of contexts, exceptional administrative skills and is able to work independently to meet organisational requirements. She worked tirelessly with insight and good humour to cement existing relationships, refine the range of services on offer in response to members’ needs and to develop new relationships that brought a range of new members to the organisation.

Don’t just take my word for it

Why the owl?

Owls are remarkable in that they have 360 degree vision: they are able to turn their necks 270 degrees – far more than most species including humans. I can give you that sort of perspective by taking an all-round view of your organisation and using clear vision to offer insight, undertake risk analysis, and provide strategic direction and advice. 

Owls are known for their distinctive sound and, if communications are your challenge, I can help you find your voice through brand development, expert copywriting and marketing strategy.

Owls are mainly active at dawn and dusk. I can do the creative work that’s needed, while you get on with your day job of running the organisation.

Owls are understood to be wise birds, and I’d like to think I might be seen in those terms.